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Functional Specificities of Brassinosteroid and Potential Utilization for Crop Improvement

  作 者:Hongning Tong, Chengcai Chu


  刊物名称:Trends in Plant Science

  出版年份:13 September 2018


  文章摘要 : 

  Brassinosteroid (BR) regulates many important agronomic traits and thus has great potential in agriculture. However, BR application is limited due to its complex effects on plants. The identification of specific downstream BR components and pathways in the crop plant rice (Oryza sativa) further demonstrates the feasibility of modulating BR responses to obtain desirable traits for breeding. Here, we review advances on how BR regulates various biological processes or agronomic traits such as plant architecture and grain yield in rice. We discuss how these functional specificities of BR can and could be utilized to enhance plant performance and productivity. We propose that unraveling the mechanisms underlying the diverse BR functions will favor BR application in molecular design for crop improvement.


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